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Radical Feminism

I just came across this radical feminism site. The women that blog there are modern day Valerie Solanas. They are proverbial ball busters. They talk about eradicating men, genetically modifying men, creating matriarchy... but they aren't trying to be kinky about it, they just are. They honestly hate men but I know there are submissive men out there that are reading this stuff and just jacking off to it non-stop.

I can't be the only guy that jacked off while reading SCUM manifesto, right?

Read the stuff by Vliet Tipree. She is amazing. I just love extreme ideologies. They entertain me so much.

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Well, I don't much care for extremism, but I for one would love to be a fly on the wall if one of those nuts discovered that people are jacking off over their 'material'
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Hah! My thoughts exactly! I'm hoping they'll hunt me down and punish my balls. Won't that be fun?

By the way I am pro-feminists. Liberal sex-positive feminists are very sane, fun people. These radical feminists though are something completely different.

But regardless of how crazy these radfems are, I gotta say, the other side is still crazier. You can't get any crazier than this I don't think:


(of course it's by cult members)
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