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Smile Rachel the Hangwoman-Final Part

When she entered the prison she was greeted by the
warden who was waiting for her in the front hall along with
Michelle whom she hoped would not have been there." Good morning
Rachel, I trust you slept well. The priest is with Baxter now giving
him the last rites; as soon as he's done you can collect your
prisoner and carry out the execution". Rachel looked around for a
moment and replied, thank you warden, I best go and see how they're
doing ". On that note she walked down to the cellblock that housed
Carl Baxter followed by a male guard and Michelle who hadn't spoken
a word. By now Carl Baxter was a bundle of nerves and the sharp
clicking high heels approaching his cell weren't helping any. When
she arrived at Baxter's cell the door was open and two guards were
posted outside. When she walked in she saw that the man was nervous
as he jumped at the sight of her. The priest put his hand on the
condemned man's shoulder and said, " easy my son, easy". He then
looked at Rachel and said" we are done my dear,I guess you will want
to carry out your duties now". Rachel smiled at the priest and
replied, " Yes Father, thank you". The priest left the cell but
remained outside to accompany the prisoner to the gallows. Not quite
sure what to say Rachel asked Baxter how he felt. Baxter gulped and
replied, "not so good I'm afraid". " I understand, well, just do
exactly as I say and it should all go very smoothly". " Yes ma'am,
and if I may say so, you look very lovely". A slight smile came over
her face. After all, a woman always likes to hear compliments. The
two stared at each other for a moment then Rachel asked him if he'd
like a sedative to calm his nerves. " Baxter hesitated for a moment
then declined. Rachel then reached into the small black bag she had
brought along and took out a two and a half foot length of rope. She
calmly walked up to the prisoner and said, " turn around and put
your hands behind you " Baxter stared at the beautiful brunette in
front of him for a second or two then did what she said. Rachel was
a bit nervous as she tied his hands but tried not to show it. "
Baxter reacted to the being applied around his wrists. Rachel
thought she'd hurt him and said , " is it too tight ?' Baxter took a
deep breath and replied, " no ma'am, it's fine. The Hangwoman paused
for a moment then said, " ok, let's go".After her confrontation with Michelle Rachel told Baxter she would
grant his request to be alone with her in the execution room
provided he gave her his word that there would be no trouble. Baxter
eagerly agreed. She then asked him if he would like the priest to
come as well. Baxter stared at the priest then said okay. Rachel
motioned the priest inside then shut the door behind him leaving the
3 guards stationed outside. She took Baxter by the arm to move him
forward and up the steps but the prisoner momentarily froze. She
again pulled him by the arm only this time a bit more assertive.
Finally Baxter began moving up the steps to the scaffold followed by
the priest reading the bible. When they reached the top after a
minute or so which seemed more like an hour Rachel was anxious to
end the drama but did not rush her prisoner to the trap. Again
Baxter froze only this time more rigid. She began wondering if she
had made a mistake by omitting the guards. She then grabbed his arm
tightly and pressed herself against his side. The seductive
Hangwoman then in a low voice said, " come on honey, it'll be
all right". The feel of her hard boobs against his arm gave Baxter an
instant hard-on. Rachel noticed the bulge in his pants and smiled. "
There, you see now, I told you it would be all right". For a moment
Baxter seemed to forget where he was as he was totally mesmerized by
his sexy executioner. Rachel knew the time was right and gently
maneuvered her prisoner onto the trap while smiling and pressing
herself against him all the way. Once on the trap she secured a
leather strap around his legs and picked up the black hood on the
table. She noticed that the rope she had used to tie his hands with
was not all that tight so she quickly secured another leather strap
around his arms just above the elbows. Rachel then thanked Baxter
for having been a good boy and asked him if he had any last words.
Baxter looked her in the eye and said, " only that I'd like to fuck
the hell out of you". Rachel replied, " wrong place wrong time
honey".However I will let you admire my beautiful feet before you are strangled to death at the end of the rope that I prepared for you..Rachel slowly took off her shoes so that Baxter good admire her beautiful feet for a minute of so.She stroked his cock for 5 seconds then she then pulled the black hood over his head and adjusted
the noose tightly around his neck. As she moved barefoot towards the lever
she paid no attention to the muttered words coming from under the
black hood. With no further ad she removed the safety pin and
pulled the lever. As the 4X4 trap sprung open prisoner 3338
plunged down into the space beneath. There was no sharp cracking sound
signaled a clean snap of the neck sending Carl Baxter into
a slow strangling death. The priest continued reading his bible as Rachel looked
down to see Baxter's lifeless body turning back and forth at the end
of the creaking rope.While he was strangling Rachel sat on a chair and rested her naked feet on Baxter’s shoulders.She nearly got an orgasm watching the prisoner being strangled at her feetit took another 20 minutes for him to die.
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